Should I buy an affordable watch? (Top 10 Reasons Why in 2019)

1.) Reason #1 is Money $$$
affordable watch piggy bank


Nobody wants to break the piggy bank and spend an entire paycheck in exchange for one watch. The olden days of thinking that you have to spend more to get more are long gone.  With sturdy materials like stainless steel and the precision of Quartz movement, you don’t have to worry about a women’s or men’s  watch crumbling on your wrist. We don’t know about you but we like to keep as much money in our pockets as possible.


2.) Variety is the spice of life!


Have you ever got that one watch, you always dreamed of because of tv advertisements, Instagram, Facebook, or Johnny down the street telling you that you will not be able to live without it? Then, once you pay 100’s or thousands to get it you constantly worry about misplacing it, scratching it, keeping it in a box to avoid dust and preserving it as if you’re fermenting a pickle? We feel your pain and should not have to go through this headache for one watch when you can buy a variety of different watches at Vue Watches and still not spend as much for that so called must-have item.

Everyday is a new day with different outfits, moods, and tastes so you should have the option of putting something different on your wrist as well. Want to show off your love for cats? How about the Cat Glasses Watch with an accessory to match, the Cat Ring. About to hop on the hog and rock out at a concert? We have the 3D skull watch for that. Putting on a suit and tie for that power meeting downtown? We also got you covered with the Men’s Minimalist Watch.


3.) I don’t need a watch, I have my phone for that.

vintage-cell-phoneBy all means, use your smartphone to let you know what time it is.  However, it is quicker to turn your wrist as opposed to wedging the phone out of your skinny jeans. It is also easier to look at your wrist as there are so many times when you have your phone in one room and you’re in the other. With a beautiful affordable watch from Vue Watches already on you there is nothing to worry about.


4.) Naked Wrist Syndrome (N.W.S.)

Naked Wrist Syndrome Cartoon Character

It’s not a real thing and we might have made that up but it could be real.Speaking for ourselves, as a morning routine we always put our watches on before we head out the door. There are those rare occasions where we forget and our wrist feels bare and naked. This can be quite the annoyance and nobody should be caught with a naked wrist!


5.) Conversation Starter

We wear what we sell and there’s been so many instances where we are out and about just living our lives when someone notices the unique watch on our wrist. The comment always given is Wow what a nice watch! Never seen that before. Followed up with where did you buy that? Then we simply say Vue Watches.


6.) It won’t be so hard to say goodbye

With a watch being so affordable there won’t be that punch in the gut if you happen to lose it. With this hectic thing we call life, there might be a time where you lose your watch. With an expensive one you would understandably have a melt down but with an affordable watch you can easily replace it. Worried about paying for shipping for your replacement watch? Don’t worry, Vue Watches has everyday free shipping!


7.) No added costs for fancy shmancy ads

Do you ever see those commercials with beautiful people in an exotic island jumping off a cliff showing off their watches? Do you wonder if the cost of making that commercial is being added to the price of the watch? Well, we hate to break it to you but it is. You don’t need to worry about getting charged more for expensive ads as we would rather pass that savings onto our customers.


8.) Protecting your Aesthetics

Whether it be stainless steel, leather, wood, colors, themes, etc. You will find something that is both unique and affordable to protect your aesthetics in any occasion. We all want to look our best but it doesn’t mean we have to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. With our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee you are in good hands and will feel 100% satisfied with your purchase.


9.) Love don’t cost a thing

Well almost, you don’t have to decide whether to pay rent this month or buy that fancy designer watch by getting a similar design at a fraction of the price. Your love for watches doesn’t need to be sacrificed by a price tag.  It is much wiser to get a Men’s or Women’s watch at an affordable price and still be in love with your purchase.


10.) Be True to You

Drum roll please….Last but not least, don’t let an expensive item be perceived to you as the better item. Do your homework, think outside of mainstream media, and buy what you like at an affordable price. A price tag shouldn’t determine what you are worth. At the end of the day you will be you whether it’s a $20 dollar watch or a $20,000 watch.


Hope this helps you in your journey to buying a watch at an affordable price.



















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  • Great blog, very insightful. I’ll be buying soon.


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